A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

is a third person action-stealth infiltration RPG.

Infiltrate huge, procedurally generated levels. Find and loot the safe. Get out alive.

The gameplay is strongly inspired by "Deus Ex" and it's freedom of choices. A story is going to be there, but main emphasis is on missions and character development (RPG elements).

Security systems are tough but you are constantly getting better at handling them. By upgrading your gear, you can progress in one of the 3 main classes or just combine the skills which suite your style. Choose your upgrades and strategy accordingly:

  • Commando - extensive firepower, explosives and combat upgrades.
  • Ninja - acrobatics, infiltration upgrades and stealth.
  • Hacker - hacking, surveillance upgrades and… also stealth!

Complete your objectives and stay alive by any means: shoot a camera or sneak past it, hack your way through the main gates or blow them to pieces - your choice.

Install instructions

Download, unpack and run the executable file. Enjoy!

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Safe not Safe - prepreGreenlight alpha demo - Windows 202 MB
Safe not Safe - prepreGreenlight alpha demo - Mac 214 MB